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(Rob is holding the camera for the video)

Rob Perry: Hello, this is Rob Perry, and I was sitting down to call my girlfriend Ellen, she is on her way to the airplane and I'm in White House and Here they come they're are talking to them.

Agent Kellerman: Sir is a message from Doctor Graham.

President Cyrus: A message, what message?

Agent Hope: He is sending you a message from the lab.

President Cyrus: A message from the Doctor Graham who I testing the residence on the lab works.

(She opens the door and tells them)

President Cyrus: Are you okay?

Female Victim: (Sobbing) Yes!

President Cyrus: Where are the others?

Female Victim: (Sobbing) They're not here because, they attack by the zombies and I need help!

President Cyrus: Girl calm down. There's no such thing a zombies. Agents check on the outside okay?

Both: Okay.

President Cyrus: Don't worry girl, I'll bring you safety into the room.

(President brings the Female Victim to the room)

Rob Perry: He is bringing the female victim to the room.

President Cyrus: You're safe girl.

(His phone is ringing)

President Cyrus: Hello? Hello? (Sigh) No reception. You stay there. I'll be right back okay.

Female Victim: (Crying) Okay!

Rob Perry: Hmmm she is crying because her boyfriend is dead.

Female Victim: (Crying)

(She wants to find a new boyfriend and he is missing)

Rob Perry: Uh Excuse me, I'm over here behind you.

Female Victim: (Sobbing) What are you doing?

Rob Perry: Uh, nothing

Female Victim: What!

Rob Perry: I said nothing all right!

Female Victim: Get over here!

Rob Perry: (Laughing)

(Rob was running downstairs and She was finding a boyfriend)

(Zombie breaks into the window and she attack the female Victim)

Female Victim (Screaming)

Rob Perry: Oh no. I'm gonna go to the weapon room to get the gun.

Female Victim: (Screaming)

(Rob Perry shoots the zombie)